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What is Vital Cycles?

About Vital Cycles:

 "Frequently Asked Questions"


Vital Cycles is a peer support group healing community.  It can be one part of your support system on your therapeutic path of healing and thriving. 


What is the purpose of Vital Cycles?

We strive to empower those who seek joy in living while healing the emotional impact of trauma.


How does Vital Cycles achieve that?



We provide individuals and peer support groups with a core set of recommended concepts and tools, including healing principles and steps.  These, along with the Community Principles, can be used to support and sustain the activities of groups and support groups, including weekly, biweekly and monthly meetings, workshops and retreats.


Where can I find or start a group in my community?


Some groups already exist. Vital Cycles maintains group contact information on our website. 

We can support you in starting a group community by providing you with a meeting template.  You may wish to consider a weekly, biweekly or monthly group. You may wish to initiate an Internet or telephone group. As you establish your group, we ask that you register your group with Vital Cycles so that information can be available via our website.  In addition, this creates the opportunity for you and your group members to gain information about regional and national Vital Cycles events.


What is necessary for me to be a member of Vital Cycles?


What is necessary to be a Vital Cycles Group?


To seek joy in living while healing the emotional impact of trauma. All adults are welcome who are willing to align with our healing and Community Principles.


 The only agreement you must make to call yourself a Vital Cycles group or event is to align with the Vital Cycles Healing and Community Principles.


Is this a 12-Step group?


No, although we do have peer-led support groups. We are a nonprofit healing community.  We expect that you will use your inner wisdom to choose what other communities you will wish to participate in.

What types of trauma do people heal from in Vital Cycles?


Vital Cycles is open to anyone who wishes to heal from the emotional effects of trauma.  We believe that there are universal processes that support the healing from trauma of any type.  We also believe that many types of trauma may become interwoven in the experience of an individual.  For example, an individual may have experienced physical abuse and emotional neglect as a child – and that may affect their interpretation and experience of trauma as an adult. 

Individual Vital Cycles groups may choose to specify a focus, such as healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse or dealing with post-war PTSD. Other groups may wish to remain open to all who wish to heal, regardless of the nature of the original trauma.


Is this an alternative to therapy?


It is designed to be one part of your support system on your path of healing and thriving.    For many of us, creating our healing journey includes working with a skilled trauma therapist.


Does Vital Cycles endorse any specific therapeutic school or theory?


We believe that the language of Vital Cycles parallels and supports the fundamental shift towards positive focus and self-empowerment that is occurring in the field of trauma therapy.   We are aware of and acknowledge the profound impact of some major approaches that have emerged, including EMDR and the Internal Family Systems model as well as the work on the innate aspects of emotion.  However, Vital Cycles does not endorse a specific approach.  Each member chooses what works best.  As scientific and empirical research continues in the field of trauma therapy, other schools and techniques may come forward in the future.  Vital Cycles embraces that as an opportunity to simplify and enrich our personal healing journeys.


Where is a higher power in Vital Cycles?


Vital Cycles offers a healing process which allows you to foster your own spirituality and other belief systems and strives to be truly ecumenical. Each individual’s inner wisdom can be trusted to support the individual in developing a belief system that works for that individual.  For some, their inner wisdom may sustain them in a profoundly religious process.  For others, their inner wisdom may sustain them in secular humanism or atheism.  We believe that true healing from the effects of trauma can be supported with diversity of spiritual and religious focus.


What is Vital Cycles definition of  “inner wisdom”? 


We believe that each individual has, within themselves, a core capacity to understand and empower their individual healing journey.  With some, that inner wisdom may be highly intuitive, with others, that inner wisdom may be highly structured.  


You may choose to find any number of ways of accessing your inner wisdom and that you develop and refine your capacity to empower your healing journey over time.  We suggest that you develop your inner wisdom as you undertake to process the effects of trauma so that your journey is safe and progressive, not overwhelming and frightening.


What is “confidentiality” in Vital Cycles?

Trust is critical in our healing environments.  We only share a member’s identity and other personal information with that person’s permission. 

Who wrote the Vital Cycles Steps, Healing Principles and Community Principles?

The founding members and advisors to the board of Vital Cycles developed the language in a series of intense retreats during the latter part of 2007 and early part of 2008.  We sought the comments of a “virtual focus group” as well as the detailed commentary of several trauma therapists.


We view the language of Vital Cycles as a “living document” and welcome your comments as you apply the steps to your own healing journey.  In addition, we solicit your creativity and innovation in the structuring of support groups and the formats that sustain them.


So who founded Vital Cycles, anyway?


In July of 2007, a group of individuals began to focus on the core issues of healing from the effects of trauma.  The five founding board members and special advisor have decades of experience with healing from the effects of trauma in our personal journeys.   This group created a fundamental language of Vital Cycles, as well as the framework for peer support self help groups, workshops and retreats.


Is Vital Cycles a nonprofit organization?


We are in the process of applying for Federal nonprofit status.  Our bylaws have been developed with nonprofit status in mind.


How is Vital Cycles supported?




Our fundraising sources include contributions from individuals and groups. In addition, we engage in selected fundraising activities and events.   In the future, we may solicit grants that provide us with funding while supporting our core mission.


Where does my contribution go?

Your contribution goes to support the costs of maintaining Vital Cycles, including the website, the development of literature, sponsoring retreats and other activities.  All of the board members and special advisors serve without pay, and there is no paid professional staff.

What do I do if I have other questions that I want answered about Vital Cycles?

Please contact us at and we will strive to answer your question.



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